An Introduction to the life span and Do the job of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Born January 27, 1756, in Salzburg, and baptized Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus

Mozart, he was educated by his daddy, Leopold Mozart, who was simply concertmaster in the court

orchestra of the archbishop of Salzburg and a celebrated violinist, composer, and author. By the

age of six Mozart had become an completed performer on the clavier, violin, and organ and

was highly skilled in sight-studying and improvisation. Five brief piano pieces composed by Mozart

when he was six years old remain frequently played. In 1762 Leopold took Wolfgang on the first

of many successful concert tours through the courts of European countries. During this period Wolfgang

composed sonatas for the harpsichord and violin, a symphony, an oratorio, and the opera buffa La

finta semplice. In 1769 Mozart was appointed concertmaster to the archbishop of Salzburg, and

later in the same yr, at La Scala, he was built a chevalier of the Purchase of the Golden Spur by

the pope. He also composed his initial German operetta, Bastien und Bastienne, in the same year. At

the age of 14 he was commissioned to write a significant opera. This job, Mitridate, rГЁ di Ponto,

produced under his direction at Milan, entirely established an already phenomenal reputation.