An Evaluation of the Factors Impacting the Demand of Portable Telephony Products

IntroductionThis project will concentrate on

analysing the factors influencing the demand of cellular telephony products. The

case study that may be included may be the current state of the united kingdom mobile

telecommunications industry. The operators under exam should be the four

major operators in the united kingdom: BTCellnet, One2one, Orange and Vodafone.Case StudyAs mentioned previously, the case

study for this project is usually to be based on the existing state of the united kingdom mobile

telecommunications market and the functionality of its four customer operators. Before this is often discussed,

however, it is important to know how mobile telephony is rolling out over

the past decade. Up until about six years back, consumer mobile telephony was

carried over analogue transmissions. Analogue transmissions will be basically just

radio waves, as received by a standard radio. Because of their basic nature, analogue

mobile phones where not very secure plus they could possibly be В“clonedВ” easily by

hackers who wished to create free calls. Due to these setbacks, mobile

telephony stayed primarily in the hands of businesses, who had a need to contact their

employees and didnР’'t worry about the price. About six