Essay about Addbase

STI College Balayan

Archive Selection System

A partial requirement for Enhance Database by student of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


Jun G. Bugtong

Jessa R. Caraig

Eunice W. Cabrera

Lito S. Dellamas


Carlo Ambagan

System Adviser

Table of Contents

1 . 0 Introduction

2 . you Background of Study

2 . 2 Statement of the Difficulty

2 . three or more. 1 Standard Problem

2 . 3. two Specific Difficulty

2 . several Objectives of the Study

2 . 4. a few General Goals

2 . four. 4 Specific Objectives

installment payments on your 4 Significances of the Study

2 . a few Scope and limitation

2 . 0 Strategy of the Analyze

3. 0 Data Gathering Procedures and Outputs

some. 0 Documents of the Current System

five. 0 Software/Project Estimation

6th. 6 Schedule of Actions

6. several Cost of Evaluation

6. 0 Hardware Standards

7. 0 Software Requirements

8. zero Design/ Program with Functionality

9. 0 Program Requirements

10. zero Software Assessment

11. 0 Software Repair Plan


-Person Resourse

1 . zero Introduction

This System will provide the user the the monitoring of the catalogs in the collection.

1 . you Background from the Study

The present processing with the transactions in the library at present is, well, a little bit in the old style way. Users and library personnel employ manual greeting cards for every library transaction which takes time and is very incovenient during immediate needs.

We created this system to aid the staff plus the users in the library to help make the transactions less difficult, with lower time for transaction processing and to help make it the selection accomodate even more people.

1 . 2 Satement of the Trouble

The affirmation of the issue is the main problem that the program encountered.

1 . 2 . you General Trouble

-How does the system help the staff and users in the library?

-How the maintenance with the books inside the library easily be done?

1 . 2 . a couple of

-How to stop the replication of data?

-How to find the catalogs easier?

-How to easily discover the lidt of the unreturned books as well as the one who lent it?

-How to avoid the cheat in logged-in and logged-out time?

-How in order to avoid the paper wasted?

-How to avoid poor people storing of data?

-How in order to avoid the slowing down of ttransaction in the catalogue?

1 . a few Objectives of the Study

This statement contain the main objectives of the program.

1 . three or more. 1 Standard Objectives

-To help the current library for being moreefficientt to the user as well as the staff.

-To make the ebooks maintenance easier and simple to use interface.

1 ) 3. two Specific Difficulty

- In order to avoid the duplication of data.

-To find the books easier.

-To locate the lidt of the unreturned books plus the one who obtained it.

-To avoid the defraud in logged-in and logged-out time.

-To avoid the newspaper wasted

-To avoid the poor storing of information.

-To stay away from the delaying of transaction inside the library.

1 . 4 Significance of the Study

The significance of the study is to help the current transaction and maintenace from the library for being easier and less-time their takes the job to be carried out.

1 . your five Scope and Limitation


The opportunity of the program include the pursuing:

-to boost the transaction operations in the collection

-to mantain the shares of the catalogs in the catalogue

-to include user and staff maitenace

-to make the work much easier

-to include a quikly and corret transaction


The limit of the program include the subsequent:

-the system does not limits the user that uses this method

-the program can't be work by a typical person

-the system life is limited; meaning it cannot uses on a new operating-system -the program does not be responsible for any misplaced of data regarding the books and the one who use

the library

2 . 0 Methodology of the Study

1 . Initial we choose this...

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