Innovation Analysis Nippon Fresh paint Co. Case of Unsmelling Paint Product Essay




1 . Purpose:

In recent years, Development becomes probably the most important parts in the lifestyle and progress every company. There are many study was set up to analyze the way to make an advancement, not only to get the research's purpose nevertheless also to aid the managers of small companies can follow the bigger. This assignment was done to analyze a fresh product of 1 of the biggest paint companies in the world to comprehend deeply the innovation technique of this firm, Nippon Fresh paint Co. 2 . Nippon Paint Co:

Nippon Color Co. is among the largest fresh paint manufacturers in Asia and also the world. In Vietnam, the business occupied rather large market share, with a well-known brand along with reasonable price, superior quality products coming from paint to coatings of surface thus Nippon's goods are reliable and preferred by Vietnamese consumers. Nippon Paint started in 1881 in Asia, Nippon Paint is a leading paint manufacturing company in the World, has occurrence in above 13 countries. Nippon Fresh paint was established in Vietnam in 1994 with 100% international investment capital, found in Bien Hoa II Professional Zone, Jingle Nai. After that, Nippon Paint has always released the very best quality products are designed on advanced Japanese technology for the automotive industry, architecture, decoration...  Based on the key values ​​of honesty, considerable human resources and continuous improvement in technology, Nippon Color has contributed to improving job and house at the same time always beautify many areas in Asia in general and Vietnam especially. 2 . Background:

Presently or even in future, trend of environmental friendly products will become popularly, in the electronics sector, car sector to Fast paced Consumer Merchandise. When develop or method any goods, manufacturers need to pay attention to factors of consumer's health and environment. In the field of fresh paint and layer technologies, the world has seen a new cutting-edge for environmental surroundings of Nippon Paint, when the company launched a low smell paint lines with just volatile organic compounds (VOC) near while equal to 0 and does not consist of toxic substances (usually inside the paint: APEO, formalin, etc). They appreciate thoroughly requirements for quality of product and consumers' health and protecting environmental surroundings, so Nippon Paint Vietnam brought a odorless color products, better than previous fresh paint products to introduce to everyone, that is certainly Odour-less All-In-1 paint line. Nippon Odour-less paint collection, superior cleaning is a fresh achievement in neuro-scientific environmental friendly paint with low VOC, high washing resistance as high as 20, 1000 cycles (by Singapore standards). I. Materials review

All of us embrace each of the elements of a business strategy in a simple approach but it remains to be relatively total through two factors. You will discover 4Ps model and Tactical Innovation. 1 ) 4Ps unit

The ‘4Ps' version provide a strong tool pertaining to such examination. It creates on the hypothesis that good innovation is basically about great change, and puts ahead four wide-ranging categories where such modify can take place: 'Product innovation' – modifications in our things (products/services) which an organization offers • 'Process innovation' – modifications in our ways in which products and services are created or perhaps delivered • 'Position innovation' – changes in the context in which the products/services are framed and communicated • 'Paradigm innovation' – changes in the underlying mental models which in turn shape the particular organization really does 2 . Strategic Innovation

• Need to consider what, why and when i actually. e. where and how innovation can be used to ideal advantage. • No shortage of ways to gain competitive advantage through development – the ones to choose and why? • A question for large and small agencies and the public sector (e. g. police force, medical center...

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