A Comparison of Poe and Doyle Article

20 November. 2013

A Comparison of Writing Designs and Styles From Friend Arthur Conan Doyle's " The

Musgrave Ritual” and Edgar Allan Poe's " The Gold Bug”

It was well noted in his Resource that Friend Arthur Conan Doyle based his personality, Sherlock Holmes in the teacher and mentor, Doctor Joseph Bells, a cosmetic surgeon that Doyle studied beneath at Edinburgh University (Hodgson 4). You observe another affect on the tales written about " the great detective” in the works that came some 50 years previous from the American literary critic, poet, editor and article writer Edgar Allan Poe. In his own composing, Doyle mentioned on Poe's work, particularly mentioning his detective persona Dupin within a Study In Scarlet, the first short story to feature Doyle's character Sherlock Holmes. In this, Dr . Watson, tries to go with Sherlock Holmes, evaluating him to Poe's private investigator from Killers in the Repent Morgue: " it is straightforward when you make clear. You make me recall Edgar Allan Poe's Dupin. I had no clue that this kind of individuals would exist away of stories" (30). Although Doyle likewise goes on to mention that the talents of Poe's character Dupin were not quite on doble with the great detective when Sherlock Holmes remarks " Now in my opinion Dupin was a extremely inferior other. That strategy of breaking in in the friend's thoughts with an apropos statement after a one fourth of an hour's silence is absolutely very showy and shallow. He has its own analytical guru, no doubt; nevertheless he was don't ever such a phenomenon while Poe appeared to imagine” (30). In other words, Dupin was ok but he's " an inferior fellow” (30) not at the degree of " the truly amazing detective” Sherlock Holmes (Hodgson). There are several similarities in the themes of stories like Poe's " The Platinum Bug” and Doyle's " The Musgrave Ritual”. For instance , the main heroes use familiarity with history to aid unlock hints to riddles in both stories. Mr. William Legrand's knowledge of the of Chief Kidd assists him decipher the pirates code inside the " The Gold Bug” and helps him make sense of seemingly weird clues revealed in the cipher like " the devil's seat” and " Bishop's Hotel”. And Holmes's familiarity with the history from the " Hoheitsvoll Stuarts” Charles I and Charles 2 in " The Musgrave Ritual” which usually helped him discover an " historic crown from the Kings of England” (212) in a pile of material scraps and stones. While there were a large number of similar designs running through both author's stories there were some significant differences in the lives and writing styles of both, Doyle and Poe. Doyle maybe implied in Holmes's quote from A Study in Scarlet about Dupin's inferiority that Poe's publishing, had " …some intellectual genius, not any doubt…” (30) but yet was somehow inferior to Doyle's own writing. At times it seems that Poe's publishing style was quite different, rougher and relatively harder to adhere to compared to Doyle's. The seemingly endless, with times also boring, slow descriptions of Legrand's answer to the cipher in " The Precious metal Bug” are a real distinction in my opinion for the clear, quick and almost elegant way Doyle's ties his own take pleasure in of history into Holmes's way to the riddle of " The Musgrave Ritual”. Possibly Holmes remarks on the quickened pace of the resolution when he says, " My info were coming more quickly than I could possess reasonably hoped” (208). As opposed, the solution to Captain Kidd's cipher inside the " Platinum Bug” is indeed detailed and descriptive that at times, it becomes hard to follow for someone. Poe will take us 4 pages with Legrand outlining, in detail how he resolved the cipher. It makes me wonder, did Poe perhaps protect his account " The Gold Bug” by adding so many details to give his viewers more variety but not real quality? Pertaining to Poe, producing seemed to be a riddle or cypher to become solved pertaining to financial gain or treasure; resolve it properly and receive rewarded, to look for proof we could look into the lives of the two authors. When reading the biographies of Poe and Doyle it is easier to realise why...

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