Apple vs Proveiw Essay

Ann Siriwan Baker 5280760

Apple vs Proview – Job The main immediate legal concern concerns the transferring and ownership from the ‘iPad' trademark. I believe that it is a direct issue because it is what ignited the whole problem when Proview Technology claimed Apple to be in violation in the ‘iPad' brand. This is because Apple bought the ‘iPad' brand from Proview Electronics (Taiwan), when at that time Proview Technology (Shenzhen) basically owned it. Thus it appears Proview Electronic devices sold the trademark to Apple, yet did not basically own it. And so the question is whether Proview Technology gave virtually any authority to Proview Gadgets to sell the ‘iPad' trademark, or if Proview Electronic devices had the justification to sell the trademark, which it seems that they were doing not. In order to avoid this, Apple should have examined carefully who have owned the trademark prior to entering into the contract. One more direct legal issue is a contract that was signed between Apple and Proview Electronics (Taiwan). I believe this kind of to be a direct issue as the contract had not been clear, which usually consequently led Apple to trust that they experienced purchased the ‘Global Trademark' which permitted them to sell the ipad tablet in many diverse countries, which include China – but it don't. If it was clear and Apple had known that they hadn't received the rights to trade in China and tiawan, they would not need sold the iPads generally there in the first place. 1 important question is also whether Proview Technology and Proview Gadgets, has joined up with together to mislead and induce Apple, as this could be an issue of misrepresentation. In addition , the Proview companies would not offer to amend the contract, but rather chose to take those issue to court and claim a large number of millions of Dollars coming from Apple, that makes it even more suspect that they may possibly have meant to take advantage of Apple from the beginning A great indirect legal issue is that the two businesses use several legal systems - Apple (United States) uses prevalent law where as...

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