Assignment OB Essay

Course Code: BOB 2824

Course Title: Company Behavior

Assignment 1 (30 marks)

Question 1(15 marks)

Objective: to apply the MBTI instrument to understanding personality. Task:

1 . You should be complete your own dimension of personality type using the MBTI device. Please down load a copy from the instrument/test through this hyperlink Response the listed 70 concerns and complete the scoring to spot your MBTI type. Once you have identified your type (ENTJ, ENFP, INTP, ISFJetc ), read through the description which usually appears in subsequent pages after the rating sheet.

2 . Write a report discussing the things you have discovered regarding yourself with just the MBTI test. In your discussion, include an examination if you think your personality is definitely suited for the position you have now. Precisely what is the inference of this discovery? Elaborate. (Note: please the score-sheet because an attachment)

Question a couple of (15 marks)

Objective: to utilize and assess the various theories of determination. Task:

1 ) Watch the next short online video titled Precisely what is Tough Mudder Write a a single paragraph summary about what Challenging Mudder is about.

2 . How come do you think persons join difficult Mudder event? What inspires them? Based on your understanding of the various determination theories, make clear why they participate in the wedding. In your conversation, include the next theories. Critically evaluate in the event these hypotheses are useful in explaining what motivates the participants. i. Maslow's theory

ii. McCllelland's theory of needs

iii. Self-determination theory (intrinsic Compared to extrinsic motivation) iv. Goal-setting theory

versus. Self-efficacy theory

vi. Expectancy theory

Task 2 (20 marks)

Case 1(10 marks)

See the case on-page 396 of the textbook Healthy and balanced employees want employeesand answer the queries.

Case two (10 marks)

Read the circumstance on page...

With Reference to 2 or 3 Poems from Death of your Naturalist, Check out Heaney’s Take care of Nature. Dissertation