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Sufia Sultana

The other way up Ski Golf club Inc.

10 McGrath Highway, Bexhill, 3122

ABN: 00 123 456 839

ACN MONTANA: 123 456 987

The other way up Ski Golf club Inc.

Business Plan

Ready: 07/10/2013

Stand of Contents

Business Plan Summary3

The Business3

The Future3

The Business4

Business details4

Business premises4

Organisation chart4



Risk management6

Legal considerations6

Environmental/industry analysis8

Your customers8

S. T. O. Big t. analysis17

The Future19


Action plan19

The Finances20

Key aims and financial review21


Balance sheet forecast23

Profit and loss forecast24

Forecast funds flow25

Supporting documentation26

Strategy Summary

The UDSC is situated Mt. Hotham, offers wonderful views up Swindler's Pit through to Mary's Slide and beyond. Quick access to and from bus stop almost 8 on the key road and also via the back road winter. Direct access throughout the main highway from the resort steps to the Davenport get trail leading to the foundation of the community chair.

The lodge is usually well designed and constructed, space configurations and facilities are very well received simply by users of the lodge, resulting in non-members on a regular basis choosing to book hotel at UDSC in preference to other lodges. Enough dining and lounge space such that even if the hotel is totally booked residents are comfortably accommodated once dining or relaxing.

Member responsibility pertaining to lodge management and routine lodge routine service has controlled successfully for the past 38 a lot of lodge guests without the need to finance the services of a resident hotel manager or maybe the need to offer accommodation features for resort management.

The club currently has around $200, 1000 in cash reserves invested in curiosity bearing traditional bank deposits. Banks approached by club have got indicated all their willingness to provide funding for future villa development.

The UDSC features annually increasing revenue.

UDSC has extensive records of annual fixed and changing costs which will when considered by pumpiing allowances offers us if you are an00 of confidence in our expense forecasts.

The Business

Organisation brand: Upside Down Snowboarding Club Incorporation.

Organisation composition: company

ABN / ACN: 00 123 456 789 / 123 456 789

GST Enrollment: (yes / no) certainly

Organisation site: 10 Rosella Road, Doncaster, 3108

Date established: 01/07/1971

Organisation owner(s): Sheldon Cooper

Organisation Background:

the year of 1971: Formation of club with 48 groundwork members

2004: Expansion of membership via 48 to 52 full members

2009: Generational conversion initiative to facilitate a smooth transition of ownership and administrative control from the creator generation, who also are achieving retirement age, towards the second technology.

The Future


The basic target of the UDSC is to guarantee the long term survival in the club and its particular lodge center at Mt Hotham by providing an accommodation knowledge that is greater than the value anticipations of both club users and nonmember lodge tourists.

In order to achieve this objective five goals and milestones have been completely identified combined with related quantifiable targets which will enable the club to progressively examine progress towards the achievement of its desired objective.

The five goals and milestones picked were selected as the means to address the key problems that emerged out of your SWOT research and are as follows:

1 . Vitality of the rent for a minimum length of thirty years.

installment payments on your Increased year-round occupancy with a consequent embrace operating income

3. Build relationships generation By and Con club associates and technology X and Y children and family members of club members expecting to to effecting an organized transition of both membership rights rights and responsibility for the supervision of the membership and the hotel facility in the older generation to younger...

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