Mobile Phone Based Attendance Tracking System Essay


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August to December, 2012


All of us hereby file that the job work permitted (" Mobile Phone Based Presence Tracking System”) is an authentic record of our own work carried out while requirements of Minor Job for being degree of W. Tech-MBA(Dual Degree) in CSE from Lovely Professional University or college, Phagwara, within the guidance of Mr. Harjit Singh, during August to December, 2012). Project Group members: your five

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This kind of project is known as a welcome and challenging knowledge for me since it took quite a lot of hard work and dedication due to the successful completion. It's the pleasure to adopt this chance to thank dozens of who help us directly or indirectly in planning of this report. We would also like to thank to our job guide Lecturer Mr. Harjit Singh, who have supported us technically along with morally in every single stage from the project. With out his direction and support, this project would not have experienced light of the day. We would love to express a deep impression of appreciation and genuine thanks to Beautiful Professional School. Last but not the least We thank my loved ones for their boost and support in every ball. Their essential push mixed a sense of insurgency in me personally. TABLE OF CONTENTS o Profile of problem to Existing System п‚· Launch п‚· Existing Software п‚· What's new in expanding project o Problem Research п‚· Explanation п‚· Feasibility Analysis п‚· Project Prepare o Application Requirements

um Design

п‚· Flowchart

п‚· Description

to Testing

п‚· Functional Tests

п‚· Strength Testing

п‚· Levels of Tests

o Rendering

п‚· Alteration Plan

um User manual

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In existing system, teacher takes the attendance and records the main points of absentees or speakers through UMS. The computation of present student's attendance everyday and the percentage is done instantly. The Attendance Section of the UMS allows the students and staff to hold a regular track of their presence. The student can easily check his or her up to date aggregate attendance along with course smart attendance as and when required. The parents can also view and check their ward's attendance status on frequent basis. Although main problem is by using additional features that UMS supplies i. elizabeth. a feature to get mobiles as android or perhaps window software but that is certainly only for google android compatible mobile phones. Though many students at present are using android os based mobile phones but still the majority are there that do not effectively use such technology mobile phones. EXISTING SYSTEM Introduction LPU promotes a culture of paperless College or university. The day to day administration and most with the University techniques are accomplished online. The University Management (UMS), an internet portal of University, can be one such ground breaking step from the University to provide vital data regarding teachers and other College or university logistics for assisting the University students, their parents plus the staff. The existing system which can be operational and is also similar to the project is the LPU Programs which works on various different platforms like Windows, Android os...

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