Son of Satan Essay

Son of Satan

By Brian Jensen you N


Son of Satan is about an eleven year old son who is the narrator, and his 2 pals Hass and Morgan. They are smoking and talking about an additional boy named Simpson who told all of them that he has fucked a girl within the narrator's storage area. They consent to beat him up and walk to Simpson's place, hit him a couple of times in the stomach and force him to go with those to the narrator's backyard. They agree that Simpson is definitely guilty of lying down and has to end up being hanged by neck, and he therefore is. The 3 boys operates away but the narrator goes back and lets Simpson down, he have a long walk and then come back to his house where his father is definitely waiting for him, they have a brief conversation and after that the narrator is getting pummelled by his father.

Characterization of the narrator and his romance to his father The narrator is the leader in a small gang of tree kids in the age groups 11-12. The narrator can be described as round not developing persona because we understand a lot about the man from the textual content, but he isn't changing through the account. I believe the fact that narrator can be insecure about himself and so is afraid to show virtually any weaknesses to his close friends. ”I did not want to go upon with that any longer……but I was the best and I was going to have to deal with Hass after and I could hardly show virtually any weakness” (P. 42, L. 25-28) This shows me that he in fact isn't as tough and stupid as he want to be and the peer pressure is driving him to do something like this. The moment his friends is gone he goes back to Simpson helping him (P. 43, D. 5-9) also he seems bad later on ”I felt as if my entire life was over” (P. 43, L. 22) and " I felt as if I had fashioned done some thing very bad” (P. 43, L. 25-26) which shows me that he actually feel dissapointed what this individual have done. The narrator plainly has a poor relationship to his dad, when he details him, this individual only tells what this individual doesn't really like about him. " My father was a big man, six ft two and one half. He previously a big head, and sight that put up there below bushy...

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