Children’s Blizzard Chapyers Intro Essay

American railroads lured a large number of Norwegian immigrants to the terrain filled with independence, hope and delusions of grandeur. In the year of 1876, Ole great new bride-to-be Gro Rollag left Norwegian for the promises made in a brochure. Between the many years of 1850 and 1900, 18. 5 million people moved to America. There have been several causes of their giving family farm building lands. The family farm lands will be divided because they expand the family size. The oldest child gets the bigger package, and then the land can be parceled in smaller lots. By the time Ole and Spire had children, their parcel of land would look like a postage stamp. This built them one of the first of the Rollag's to keep the family members for a with any luck , better lifestyle, and part of the seven hundred and fifty 1000 Norwegian's to leave pertaining to America. Ole was facing five a lot of military service, which is not usually a pleasant knowledge. Gro was three years more aged than her spouse, not the prettiest lady, and converted her nostril up to housework in attract of examining books. Their particular hometown was Tinn in Southern Norway. The Rollag's spent their honeymoon on the boat to America in 1873. The initially destination was Decorah Winneshiek in New jersey, which was reputed for the extended cold winter seasons, grasshoppers and virgin ground. When coming to Iowa, they stayed with a faraway family the Jacobsens, who let them know that the brochures lied to you, go figure! During this time, they will worked and saved to get relocation to somewhere with increased promise. North of Iowa was Mn and Southern region Dakota, where there was a developing township. In-may of 1874, Ole and his wife opened up the camping tent stakes, and headed with a group of Norwegians to Rock County Mn. The trip was not a pretty one, making me truly feel thankful for place service and my motorbike. It took three weeks and 260 kilometers, and very anxious individuals who can see the grasshopper devastation. A large number of homesteads had been empty, which is not a good sign. The 1st group of people they encountered told them...

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