Culturally Different Essay

Jasmina Mujkanovic

Interpersonal Conversation

" Culturally Different”

In my life I have to interact with many persons all the time who are culturally different. The toughest part to me was initially when i first came to the United States as a great immigrant by Bosnia. In my opinion, everyone was distinct. In my life My spouse and i never found a person of different color until I actually came to America. At first, once i started college in America, I had been scared approach a person of a different color, but since I discovered English, I also learned that these people are same just like me in many ways. My spouse and i also needed to interact with persons of different religion and I although other people of different religious groups would hate me since I was woman. However , all my peers that we went to university with had been okay with my religious beliefs and we almost all got along. As we because people is probably not identical or have same heroes, we are even now humans and that we all include same features.

Initially when i first came to America I believed scared of other people. Maybe it was because I did not understand how to speak in British and I thought that all everyone was having a laugh at me because of that. Like I stated, I was frightened of people that had been of different color. I thought we were holding going to damage me. I believed they would come after me personally because they did not seem like me. Remembrances of the battle in Bosnia came to me as a child and i also thought these folks might do the same thing that happened to me in Bosnia. My communication was really hard at that time, I did not know how to speak and I accustomed to cry constantly as a child. I think that I constantly got struggling in school since I did not understand English. As I learned personally through bilingual courses, I actually learned to speak and communicate myself to my colleagues and my own teachers in elementary school. Once i knew tips on how to talk in English, We made a whole lot of close friends, even the people who are different in color. I actually learned to communicate better and I learned about their nationalities, and they had been interested in my own culture since...

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