A Multi-agent Platform for a Web-affiliated Decision

Support System Applied to Manufacturing Program

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Bessedik Imène1 and Taghezout Noria2

Section of Computer Science, College or university of Oran,


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Abstract. The Combination between Web providers and software program agents gives a promising processing paradigm pertaining to efficient service selection and integration of inter-organizational organization processes. This paper proposes an agent-based Web DSS; the main contribution of our study is to provide an efficient device that helps users find information resources available while an online service within Intranet. The decision-making is not only well guided by the data provided by DSS but rather than the Web technology, the process is definitely entirely based on communication between ISP Providers and Web agent. While negotiating compromises for issue solving to share common solutions, decision companies use Net service to conduct various supporting tasks. To illustrate the idea, a simple case study is given. Keywords: Decision Support System (DSS), Integrated Train station of Creation (ISP), Application agents, Web-affiliated DSS.

you Introduction

Computer technology progress has led to widespread use of computerized help in various activities. Particularly, traditional decision support systems (DSS) focus on computerized support for making decision with respect to managerial complications. There is a great emerging and fast developing interest in electronic support devices in many different domains just like information retrieval support devices, research support systems, educating and learning support systems, computerized medical support devices, knowledge administration support devices, and many more. The recent advancement the Web creates further momentum to the design and style and execution of support systems.

Obviously enough, we have a strong pattern for studying computerized support systems especially on Web websites. Research in information collection support devices, research support systems, educating and learning support systems, decision support systems, computerized medical support systems, and knowledge management support devices are just some of their very own representatives.

This paper will focus on one of the important study topics of Web- primarily based DSS and offers an efficient application that helps users find information solutions available as an online support within an Intranet. The organization of this paper is really as follows. All of us introduce the idea of Decision Support System and Web-based support systems over the following section. Section 3 covers issues of recent exploration in Web-based decision

support. In section 4 we propose the contribution. In section 5 we make clear our suggested model. Section 6 reveals a sample app for the Web-based DSS. Finally, a conclusion and future job are given in Section 7.

2 Decision Support Program and Web Based Decision Support


2 . 1 Decision Support System

Before we all start with in depth aspects of the issue, it is important to tackle the definition of decision support systems.

Decision Support Systems can be defined as computer technology alternatives that can be used to support complex decision making and find solutions to problems (see Shim et 's. [17]). To account decision problems complexity and doubt, we be familiar with DSS as a set of computer-based tools offering decision maker with online capabilities. It aims to enhance his understanding and details basis about considered decision problem through usage of types and data processing. The latter, in turn, allows reaching decisions by incorporating personal view with data provided by they. The classic DSS tool design is made up of the components to get:

• Database management capabilities with access to internal and external data, data and know-how;

• Highly effective modelling functions accessed with a model management system; and • User cadre that enable interactive conversation between...

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