Essay about Distracted Driving a car

Eating, text messaging, and observing videos are things we all do in our living rooms however would you do them whilst driving? Various people do and when they certainly they are not paying close enough focus on the road which, can result in selected consequence. There are consequences that are not to serious such as obtaining a ticket and then there are far more severe consequences for example , you may end up swerving and going off of the highway, hitting one more vehicle on the road, or in much more remarkable instances striking a people that you didn't notice was crossing the road. While driving a car, I occasionally get in back of someone who is definitely swerving or driving much to slow. My preliminary thought is they are consumed but , the fact comes out when I go them. A lot of the times they are either on the cell phone, consuming, or from time to time they are viewing a video although driving. I really don't think that they can truly be familiar with danger that they can be putting themselves or other drivers in.

Although a drive through may be a faster and more convenient method to pick up supper, eating while driving can be quite dangerous. The moment digging throughout your fast food handbag, you have to have your eye off of the road; this can result in swerving or perhaps wrecking in to another driver. Another sort of why eating and generating is harmful is that at the time you drop an item of food or some type of condiment on you, the first instinct is to remove it or clean it up. Again, this can cause taking your eye off of the highway and possibly crashes. A study required for 2009 demonstrated that 80 percent of all car accidents and 65% of around misses are caused by distracted individuals more focused prove burgers than the road. (NYDailynews, Sunday, This summer 19, 2009) These amounts are extremely excessive so please persons, wait until you get home to consume that travel thru food or, jut go inside and eat.

Essentially the most common way in which people are dealing with their cars like a living room is by driving and texting. Sending text messages while driving is certainly one of...

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