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* 1 . Theme: Enlightened Small amounts Presented By simply: Malik Ahzaz Ahmad: 2k4-Cp-19 Mohammad Akmal: 2k4-Cp-07 Ghulam Murtaza: 2k4-Cp-50 * installment payments on your Definition: Enlightenment means to show a way to someone, while moderation methods to tell the moderate route, i.. at the balanced way. Enlightenment and moderation are generally not just two catchy expression, these likewise denote a lot of appealing ideas. We can discuss this topic coming from three essential views. They can be Social Political (Main theme of our discussion) Islamic Preliminary Paragraph: The Muslim lifestyle, society and the Shariah if viewed coming from Islam's perceptive ideological and moral potential then these two attributes would stand out because the unique features of Islam as a faith and civilization. Quotation via Qur'an: " Ummatan Wasatan” (A modest community) Coming from Hadis: " Khair ul Umoori Ausatuhaa” (Moderation is the foremost course) 2. 3. Cultural View Seen in this background, it would audio strange if someone items the current discuss Enlightened Small amounts. The problem is that what is becoming tried to foist today while enlightened moderation does not emanate from our own socio-cultural milieu, our own tradition, values or perhaps requirements. It has special relevance for globe in general and Muslim community in particular in whose politico-civilization map is being given a new contours and complexion. If we discover globally it is evident that call for educated moderation is definitely related right to external challenges and needs. * 4. Political View The military, social, economic and more importantly politics have obtained equal importance as any other factor. The objective is not just to bring all of the countries and nation underneath the political and military umbrella of simply super electricity. It also impose on them an individual value program intellectually, economically, financially and culturally. Some broad foundation strategies have already been started such as the 9/11 occurrence, which is just a true incident. Enlightenment moderation is being applied as a pointer to eliminate Muslim culture and synchronize Muslim society with the western requirements. Such endeavors have been made in the past and it has become the middle stage presently. * a few. В

* 6th. Political View(Continued) From the last quarter with the past century the US intellectuals, policy producers and the media have been involved in a new civilizational war. Presently there objective to superimpose the west's open-handed socio-economic order over the world at large. Joseph Nye editor of the well known ALL OF US journal ‘Foreign Policy' says: " The size of the power in world politics can be changing. Electric power is the capability to affect the final result you desire, and if essential to change the tendencies of others to make this happen”. The History's lesson is additionally that " War was your ultimate game in which the greeting cards of worldwide politics had been played and estimates of relative electric power were proven”. * 7. Political look at (Continued) Conditions have however taken a brand new turn with the induction of nuclear weapons as the deciding factor. The brute forces just like global governmental policies and economical benefits have made waging a war super easy. These pushes have been termed by Frederick Nye since " Hard Power”. You will discover other factors as well which are playing the prominent role and Nye conditions them while " Smooth Power”; " In this sense it is just because important to established the plan in world politics and catch the attention of others as it is to power them to change through the menace or make use of military or perhaps economic guns. This aspect of power getting others to actually want what you want We call very soft power. Soft power engraves ability to collection the politics agendas in a way that shapes the preferences of others”; 5. 8. В

2. 9. Now the further more discussion will be continued by my second partner. Mohammad Akmal 5. 10. Personal View (Continued) For an efficient implementation with this strategy the media gets the pivotal position to play. The primary target of economic power is to take change in ideas,...

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