Describe the factors that will effect your choice of leadership styles or behaviors in workplace situations.

There are several factors which may influence my selection of leader style in my workplace situations.

The first element is the process. A manager needs to be certain that all associates share one common goal. Once this has been clarified it is the manager's job to guide his crew to accomplish these kinds of goals and complete the task.

To make it easier for the manager the team's jobs should be made out of the ACLM Model. Once the task has been clearly defined it really is then less difficult for the manager to decide which leadership style to include in the offered situation. He can then develop individuals, develop a team and after that achieve his goals.

Creating a better knowledge of a team/individuals, the employees will get a clearer knowledge of what must done to obtain the task. With this understanding they will as a result be more very likely to accept a rapid change in leadership style.

One other factor which may influence my personal choice of command style is usually time. Time can be a Managers friend nevertheless also his enemy. For example , if a deadline is coming to an end and we never have yet completed a task, then a more Autocratic style should be adapted. Using a tight deadline approaching having an Autocratic style helps everyone obtain the main goal.

The working environment can also play a factor in the leadership style. For example I have a team that is varied in age. Therefore it is important that a manager pinpoints the demands of the staff and sets his management style to create team cohesion accordingly. Focusing on the individual rather than the team on the whole and creating unity.

The external environment can also impact the choice of management style. Elements such as competition, legislation, change to regulations, provider & customer activity can impact the management style. Flexibility is key for a Manager businesses.

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