Grievance Management Procedures Essay

For those practitioners who will be in the process of reviewing the staff complaint management techniques, you may find the following tips helpful. These tips have been obtained from a bi-monthly newsletter that i produce in issues tightly related to my discipline. If you would like a duplicate of the newletter which is in Word format sent to the email address make sure you mail me and I will probably be happy to forwards it upon.

Grievance Management and Prevention

From: Sally Jetson

What is a complaint?

Any kind of complaint, concern, injustice or perhaps wrong related to work or maybe the work environment. A grievance may result from an action, behavior, omission, situation or perhaps decision which the person seems is unjust or unjustified.

Who can grievances end up being against?

The action may have been done by management, an individual manager or perhaps supervisor, one more employee, or possibly a group of workers.

What can issues be regarding?

A grievance could be raised on a range of career related matters, including things which are not really covered by legislation, including: discrimination and harassment

transactions and promotion policy

training and professional expansion

rosters and overtime, however,

occupational health and security

work environment

overall performance management


any removes of requirements or criteria of carry out which have been implemented by a great organisation.

other forms of unfair treatment which can have an adverse effect on an individual or work environment.

What is a complaint procedure?

A grievance procedure is actually a process which sets out a number of steps to become followed once dealing with a array of problems in the workplace. It should stipulate what problems are to be included and what issues should be excluded. There is absolutely no ready-made grievance procedure that can be used in every cases and ideally they must be designed to suit the particular sector and business.

What should a grievance treatment do?

Provide a helpful way of coping with individual and group grievances...

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