Hawaiian Marital life Essay

Main Point 1: Matrimony

1 . Marriage is definitely a important factor in the Hawaiian lifestyle, today Let me tell you about the traditional clothing, the superstitions in marriage, and also other key practices in a wedding. A. The Hawaiian traditional attire is an extremely important aspect in the wedding. 1 . Flowers certainly are a big social tradition with Hawaiians. a. The wedding couple both wear beautiful leis which are jewellery made of plants, nuts, seeds, and other grow material stiched together. w. Leis certainly are a sign of affection and respect, which is why they may be traditionally worn on the wedding. c. It is common for the bride and groom, to switch leis; they might also have the flower lady present the leis. 2 . The new bride and grooms leis are generally not alike.

d. The groom's garland is composed of manly maile leaves. e. Sometimes the legisla??o may have got small light flowers named pikake weaved in. n. The bride's lei are generally composed of pink and white pikake which can be done with rosebuds or orchids. g. The kahuna pule which means holy man in Hawaiian, will certainly bind the couples hands together with a maile lei. 3. The bride has similar wedding ceremony clothing for the American tradition. h. At a traditional Hawaii wedding, the bride dons a long, white-colored, flowing outfit. i. In addition, she wears a haku legisla??o which is a smaller sized lei that is placed on her head rather than the tiara that people are used to finding. 4. The groom's dress is a bit distinct from the traditional suit and connect. j. The groom gets to wear white as well.

k. What's typically donned is a flow-y white shirt and light slacks with red sash around his waist. N. Now that I use told you regarding the traditional clothing, let me tell you about the superstitions of relationship. 5. The bride and groom will never be wished good luck on their big day, as it is regarded bad luck. six. If someone does desire them good...

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