Health and Education Essay

Well being education is usually an essential tool of community health. Every single branch of community health has a health educational aspect every community health worker can be described as health instructor. But health education continues to be defined as a procedure which results changes in the health practices of people and in the knowledge and thinking related to suet changes.

A great deal of ill-health from this country and elsewhere is because of ignorance of simple rules of hygiene or of indifference to their practical application. However , health features the greatest importance and an essential factor in your life. Without that a man turns into burden to others and useless to himself. In other words, overall health is the basis of individual and social well being.

But the concept of health and practice of health-education is almost because old while the human contest. Health education has been thought as " the sum of all experiences at school and anywhere else that prefer ably effect habits, thinking and knowledge, related to specific, community and racial wellness. ”

At the moment in our nation much interest is being paid to the education for total health. Health is a pre condition for good education. There is also a saying that appear mind lives in a sound body. So , education cannot be acquired without the proper frame of the mind and proper frame of mind cannot be possible without right health and cleanliness. Realizing the value of wellness education Secondary Education Percentage, 1952-53 stated: " Unless! Physical education is approved as an integral part of education and the educational government bodies recognize this, need in schools the youth with the country, which usually form their 'most changing asset, will never be able to draw their complete weigh to national wellbeing.

The emphasis so far have been more around the academic kind of education without correct consideration getting given to physical welfare and the mainВ­tenance ' proper requirements of well being of the pupils".

Health education is the incredibly foundation of every single successful public...

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