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Have you ever ever seriously considered how the Puritans' belief system works? Well their idea is to place God while first priority and they were very religious. However , having read Jonathan Edwards' rollo 'Sinners In The Hands Associated with an Angry God' and Arthur Miller's perform 'The Crucible' have my views on Puritan beliefs changed. Arthur Miller's play transformed my landscapes of Puritan beliefs from your sermon by Jonathan Edward's; through everybody having to end up being pure to get God, going to church is not going to help if you sinned, and sins must be confessed honestly. To start off, Edward's sermon led me to the conclusion that everyone had to be pure being accepted simply by God. Quoted from the sermon; '... into a state of recent, and just before altogether unexperienced light and life, are in the hands of an furious God. ' That estimate leads me to believe that God desires all men to be pure in old or fresh form. Miller's play transformed by judgment since obviously the heroes were most accepted by God, but they've sinned. For example , coming from 'The Crucible'; Elizabeth finds out that Ruben Proctor had an affair with Abigail and in turn of showing it to God or perhaps openly confess, they concealed it by everyone. It goes to show that even though that they know God is observing, they continue to hide the fact that they sinned. Knowing this leads me personally to beileve that God wants every men and women to be clean at heart and human body. In addition , the sermon led me to think that of you sinned, going to church would not help. In The Crucible; Rebecca Nurse was very spiritual, yet your woman was still put up in the end. Thus learning this kind of shows me this is partial true. This shows you that God can punish all of the who sin in his name. Yet that's not all in Puritan beliefs. Furthermore, the sermon lead myself to see that all sins must be openly opened up. If not, you'd be delivered down to terrible without a second chance. The Crucible provided little hints on this topic. For example , Ruben Proctor needed to confess to leave him and everybody go who were accused. Nevertheless he will not sign the...

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