Hnc Computer System L01 Essay

HL01- computer system corrections

Microcomputer: This type of computer system is going to work with micro- cpu for the central control unit rather than using the cleaner tubes which were quite popular ahead of the micro-processors, on the other hand these microcomputers are tiny enough to fit on a regular sized office, in today's computer system these are referred to as microcomputers, however the computer use for be quite slow and very expensive among 1940's to 1960's since it needed plenty power to maintain it on compared to the ones that are a lot smaller and easier to use on a daily basis. Expense of microcomputer

The price of the microcomputer can range via starting in low end ВЈ200- ВЈ700 depending on the hardware or perhaps software and also how much are you able to afford the moment purchasing one. High end expense from ВЈ800 -ВЈ 18, 00

Speed of microcomputer

Microcomputer has a CPU, RAM, Appear Card, Device, and Video Card which is slower than any other high doing computers for example a server or a mainframe, businesses that are famous names such as Volvo, compact and other have presented the processor speed of 1. 2 or perhaps 1 . 4 GHZ, even so smart phones run using even bigger GHZ making temporarily outdated until 2009 when there have been all upgraded to glass windows 7 which usually made these people better again. Minicomputer: This is certainly a type of laptop that was made by transistors and Ram memory, however this type of computer belong to the category in the middle the size of a sizable mainframe or perhaps microcomputer. The first minicomputer had just only had a maximum of merely 12 bit processor which can be nothing when compared with today's computer systems which are method better with regards to hardware and software that happen to be now available for anyone buy. Expense of minicomputer

A regular minicomputer could cost from ВЈ300- ВЈ500 with regards to the brand and quality from the product. Velocity of minicomputer

Most minicomputers are usually 200- 500 kilo bytes every second when processing a piece of data. Mainframe computer: They are computers will be powerful pcs that can handle...

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