Essay in Humanities Human Figure in Artwork

Humanism versus Realism with Focus of Human being Figure Artwork

Midsection Eastern, Egypt and Greek Civilizations

Throughout record the human physique has been exhibited in Central Eastern, Silk and Ancient greek sculptures and paintings. The majority of these artifacts tend to focus even more on humanism than realistic look due to Rulers and Gods, geographical areas, resources and events therefore, giving them the theory for the theme of the art they will create. They are the reasons that might explain their very own commonalities or perhaps differences in the representation in the human figure.

For instance , during certainly one of our earliest cultures, the Paleolithic period, the Women of Willendorf figurine portrays a grossly weighty female number representing male fertility and natural beauty of being large. This was at any given time when food was not plenty and therefore maybe they thought this figurine would in some way magically bless them. (Benton & DiYanni, p. 6) In comparison, throughout the Cycladic period the figurine, Statuette of the Woman likewise symbolizes fertility, however she's flat and skinny. Since the facial features seem to be missing on the two, these artifacts are considered humanism in art.

During the Akkad Civilization, there were much hardship due to the invasion of the Nomads, thus due to their geographical place and great quantity of assets they were able to build larger sculptures and created the a single sided rock slab the Victory Grabsaule of Naram-Sin. This statue

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symbolized the gods at the top, the troops underneath plus the slain in the bottom (Benton & DiYanni, s. 11) Even though the sculpture could possibly be true to a meeting, the rendering of the human figure is without facial identification and it portrays everyone looking equally, therefore addressing humanism while the art. In comparison, to the Victory Grabsaule of Narim-Sin this natural stone carved slab is much like the the Palette of the Egyptian pharaoh Narmer slate because of again a great war event that may have happened symbolizing an event...

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