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During the last few years, impair computing has become evolving resulting in many clients utilizing the cloud calculating technology. Fundamentally cloud calculating is based on providing varied solutions through the net (also known as the cloud) that depends on complex structure that enables companies to make use of different types and be able to deliver on different services. Although cloud processing features are meant to entice absolutely free themes to use it is services, however , a impair security matter has become the pertinent issue to cloud computer. Security concerns emanating by cloud calculating have hindered IT experts to move to cloud computer. Network reliability architecture may be the design and planning of the campus network that are targeted at reducing secureness risks relative to the institution's risk and analysis plans. The traditional network design aimed at creating a protect network edge and strategically places a firewall on the point where the network can be connected to the net. However , the conventional design is usually problematic and concern about security hazards from inside the edge that is shielded by the fire wall. Security architecture is the style artifacts that describe the way the security controls are positioned and how they correspond with the overall technology architecture. The controls were made to serve the system's quality attributes like accountability, promises, integrity and availability. There may be quite a number of secureness issues associated with cloud computing: 1) reliability issues faced by cloud computing services and 2) those that are faced by customers. End user security issues include a browser security, security-as-a-service and authentication. Cloud calculating and traditional computer security system is faced by a lot of challenges that really must be addressed....

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