Essay about Internship Report on Dandott Cement Stock

Dandot Bare cement LTD


Internship Survey.

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Tassawur Abbas 093185

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Nasir Mahmood

Hina Pervaiz

Start of Administration sciences, Lahore


To my Family & brother pertaining to the ultimate support they give me.

With their prayers for me personally.

To their sweating which has held my career altogether.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents4

Exec Summary7



I actually S To Certification10





Same Ability Plants with Different Results: 35

SWOT, The website, People, Culture37

Strengths: 37

Weaknesses: thirty seven

Opportunities: thirty seven

Threats: 37

Organizational Structure39

The Activities40

Production Departments: 40

Exploration Department: 40

Quality Control Department: 41

Non Development Departments: 40

Store Division: 43

Treatment of Shop System / Inventory System: 43

Detrimental Department: forty-four

Admin Office: 45

Workers Department: 47

Chemical Division: 49

Mechanised Department: 49

Electrical Division: 49

Promoting Department51

Marketplace and Market Share: 51

Significant Competitors: 52

Marketing Corporation: 52

Stockiest ship Business: 53

Charges Policy: 53

Marketing Strategy: 54

Branding, Labeling & Packaging: 54

Photo Building Factors: 55

Merchandise Quality: 56

Product Providing: 56

Physical Distribution Management57

Stockiestship Firm: 57

Promoting & Product sales Promotion: 58

Advertisement Budget: 58

Merchandise Image: fifty nine

Order Control: 59

Finance Department60

Payable Section: 61

Payroll Section61

Book Keeping Section61

Revenue Accounting Section: 62

Repayment Section62

Review Section: 62


Duties during Internships: 64

SWOT, The Organization65

Strengths: sixty five

Weakness: 66

Opportunities: 67

Threats: 67



Executive Synopsis

Dandot offers several competitive advantages. The expense of production is incredibly low since the raw material used in the production method is available from afar of 3km. The method of production followed at DANDOT Is dried one. This method is very cost effective because of its less expensive of energy consumption and it is very environment-safe.

This less expensive of development enables the business to market it is product in farther areas from its all-natural geographical industry. in this way business is able to grow Its industry. The all-natural geographical industry of Dandot is composed of D. G. Khan, Multan, Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, Rahimyar Khan and Muzaffargarh, Gujranwala, Gujrat & other cities of Southern & northern PUNJAB.

Top quality control of Dandot is very good. That is why organization has been able to establish very strong manufacturer loyalty. Total In industry, cement is at excess, nevertheless Dandot is not able to fulfill the requests. This implies that how much is the demand of Dandot and how good is the company loyalty that customer will not Substitute Dandot with any other cement. That is why it is organized to increase the capability of the flower by 3300 tones each day by the end of 2007.


DANDOT'S objective is to execute to the top levels of professional excellence in the industry and the national economy, while providing to the needs of our ever before dedicated workforce, ensuring affordable return to the stakeholders while delivering our product for the end buyer at competitive prices to accelerate the sustained development of Pakistan. …to constantly endeavor for excellence in all spheres of organization activity, maintain steadily its market position in important centers of Punjab and Azad Kashmir, promote mutually satisfactory romantic relationship with our buyers and other stakeholders by creating value upgrades, and construct a strong, durable and forward moving Pakistan.


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