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| 1 . Which usually subsystems from the distribution program were involved with Ms. Nostrom's problem? | | 2 . Explain just how computing tools could be used to prevent this issue from continual. Identify the hardware devices and in brief explain the way they would be applied. | | 3. Precisely what is the fundamental difficulty at Interstate, as mirrored by the mishandling of Ms. Nostrom's order? | | 4. Does the problem always be solved with all the equipment specified in your reply to question 2? Explain your answer.


1 . The subsystem in the distribution system that were associated with Ms. Nostrom problem is the shipping from the materials since the receiving record was misfiled and it is was sent to getting by mistake. installment payments on your Computing equipment like computer could be used by saving an information and a written report in this like a getting report. So when it kept in the computer it could easily find rather than misfiled once again like the challenges of Ms. Nostrom's. several. The Fundamental trouble of the Interstate is not enough materials pertaining to the buy of Ms. Nortrom, they will having difficulty obtaining the synthetic bushing that attaches the actuating adjustable rate mortgage to the enclosure. And the Interstate have only 1 supplier which factory has become strike intended for half of the season so that they can't supply a materials. some. Yes, because like I actually said involved number 2, you can actually find the data that essential like the getting report. And in addition they can use laptop for their orders, in computer system they can quickly communicate to their costumer and in addition they can easily communicate to their distributor worldwide, so when they have trouble to one distributor they can quickly contact towards the other provider by a snail mail.

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