Essay on How Has Science Helped the Housewife

Every woman wants to look graceful and charming and the guy wishes that to be so too. Thus, scientific research has catered for the looks from the female. Today, women want to be more and more gorgeous to prove that no one can compete with them. Science has created various cosmetics merchandise to boost the housewife to improve her normal make up. These beauty products, cream and creams fabricated because of their use. All those products are cheap but will make the ladies resplendids. As well, due to science there is aesthetic surgery which can be innovative. Several housewives feel that they are too little pretty and rely on aesthetic surgery to enhance their appearance. Cosmetic surgery is currently very common in countries like the United Kingdom, Italy and Philippines. In Asia, cosmetic surgery has become an accepted practice and Customer the Asia's biggest cosmetic plastic surgery market and there are also liposuction the removal of body fat by classic suction strategy. All this prove that science provides advance lifespan of housewife.

Alternatively, concerning amusement and entertainment the housewife has the car radio, television and now the latest types of ipod. Right now, the stay at home mom while doing the house duties listen to the radio the whole day. She's aware of the reality in her country. Moreover, the television is nearly an dependency for her. She is going to do all her tasks in the morning in order to sit easily to watch her favorite series. There are various programmes which are beneficial to the regular folks for example dishes, advertisement, programmes on home decoration, upon family organizing, how to rear end children, Scientific research has showcase housewife way of living that is they can be so much leisures and entertainments that they do not feel depressed. When her husband return home the girl welcome him with a laugh not with a tiresome face. Furthermore, Technology has explain to her mind and now she gets a broad knowledge of everything increase in no more remaining in lack of knowledge if she do not know some thing.


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