Essay regarding Kenexa Case Study

1 . Brief introduction of the company

Kenexa is a leading provider of software-as-a-service, or perhaps SaaS, solutions that allow organizations to more effectively get, retain and develop staff. Their alternatives are built around a suite of easily configurable software applications that automate skill acquisition and employee functionality management guidelines. They go with their applications with personalized combinations of proprietary content material, outsourcing solutions and asking services based on 24 numerous years of experience aiding customers in addressing their very own Human Resource (HR) requirements.

2 . Why was moving to SaaS essential?

At the end of 1997, addressing growing require from our clients, Kenexa embarked on a strategy to offer comprehensive man capital administration services bundled with on-demand software. Since that time Kenexa features participated in the evolution of HCM application from managed applications to full multi-tenant SaaS, and everything current (as well because future) solutions are built relating to this style.

3. Items offered

Kenexa 2x BrassRing, Kenexa 2x Recruit, Kenexa 2x Note of, Kenexa 2x Perform are definitely the list of product offerings from Kenexa and perhaps they are used by organisations to not simply help identify the most skilled candidates, additionally they integrate effortlessly with Staff Assessments, Onboarding and Performance Supervision solutions to increase individual performance and organizational success by pre-hire to exit.

4. Crucial people interviewed

- Ron Hanscome, VP of Product Strategy.

4. 1Key success criteria intended for the change from musical legacy software to SaaS model For Kenexa, providing buyers with

• Ease of integration, setup and deployment. We provide the software program applications that form the key of our solutions on an on-demand basis, eliminating the material bills and complexness of customarily purchased and deployed applications.. Application of stats to expertise...

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