Kenya Tea Development This Analysis Article


Kenya Tea Development Organization is facing a dilemma along the way forward as much as implementation of your information system that is attentive to their changing needs is concerned. The company provides 45 countryside factories-most in the rural areas with limited telecommunication facilities yet they must be in soft harmony for KTDA to provide faster, modern day and efficient services. If they happen to be able to put into action a solution that links each one of these factories alongside the Headquarters, after that KTDA could have effectively attained a competitive advantage for themselves in the market. Essential Issues

Amongst the critical factors that need to be discussed by the administration in order to realize this accomplishment are as follows: The Functioning division did not have adequate information the processor for management decision-making considering that the daily reports could under no circumstances be gathered from the distinct factories in time. Even gardening activities within the division would not have effective and enough data collection processes to get management. The primary barriers to access of information had been the data sources. They were during a call -factories, tea buying centers and facilities As for marketing purposes, administration was none able to obtain sufficient, correct and regular information on tea, trading activities at the each week Mombasa online auctions. The same was the case for customer product details requirements and quantities of various tea degrees waiting in warehouses to be offered either in the auction or directly to offshore customers. Additionally , Mombasa's data on tea delivery via factories, tea packaging and presentation requirements, value adding through wide array of products and finalizing techniques has not been readily available. Fund Division's main issues included lack of current debtors' payment schedules, lack of ability to obtain monthly reviews (they was used to getting quarterly accounts reports), have to increase results on assets, unfulfilled have to reduce firm...

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