Market Research Dick Smith Electronic devices Essay

пЃ¬Executive Summary

Through this business survey, we are concentrating on studying Dick Smith Electronic (DSE) Store Shop which can be selling HORSEPOWER Multi-Function Deskjet F2280 A-I-O printer. It can provide the info on DSE provider's background, electronic digital retailing industry's background and Mini and Macro environments of the company. What's more, it will present the market of product by comparing towards the competitors and targeting to the demographic segmentation of the industry which are individuals studying in university and graduate from high school graduation and, as well as the ones whom are having a specialist job. Moreover, the products offered by HP attract the customers by simply famous brand term, low price and high quality. The environments throughout the DSE have some challenges and good initiatives on it simultaneously, such as the competition in its environment, who are not only competing with but press it to approach. The printer manufactured by HP and sold by simply DSE is quite fit because of its target sectors. Overall, this report provides the information in the printer bought from DSE that needed to know about.

1 . Launch

1 . you Aim

This report will show viewers the information about Dick Jones Electronic retailer selling a specific product compared to the other electronic digital retailers. Furthermore, it will provide overview of sector and target segment with this product in order to offer advice to DSE. 1 . 2 Scope

With this report, it will focus on the HP Multi-Function Deskjet F2280 A-I-O Machines that are sold in DSE. 1 . 3 Strategies

The information with this report can be collected via Monash University database as well as the internet. 1 ) 4 Presumption

The information on this report is accurate as they are collected directly from companies' internet site and some educational journal. 1 ) 5 Limitation

Because of limited resources, some of the information, data and stats, might not be up dated, and section of the company and industry's backdrop might not be full.

2 . Marketplace Overview

1 ) 1 Business Overview

Dick Smith Electronics was first established in 1968 by a man named Dick Smith. Then it sold an equilibrium to Woolworths limited in 1980 and Woolworths employed its directly to change the logo to be the familiar black and yellowish one. It has been operating over 40 years and owns above 200 retailer and reseller shops through Australia. It is head office is situated in Chullora, Sydney. Since the Woolworth limited brought out the company as a division of Woolworths Limited, they have always been the winner in this industry (Dick Smith Gadgets, 2009) & (Woolworths Limited, 2000-2007) 1 ) 2 Sector Background

The electronic retailers' industry nationwide is getting a growing number of competitive and having more challenges as there are more entrants to enter the industry. The obstacles to access are stable, but the corporations holding many share of market can obstruct fresh players getting started with. Therefore , while the retailers in this marketplace are selling similar products, there is little space for ‘product differentiation' among competitors. Therefore , " the operators which are able to differentiate themselves regarding products will benefit”. (Industry Conditions, 2008, G5236) Concurrently, this situation will likely create a competition with a basis of price (Market Size, 08, G). In accordance to an industry report, the trend of the whole industry is usually potential in domestic tools rather than businesses, " specifically home printing device market” (Market Segmentation, 2008, G5236).

3. The Environment

3. 1 Macro-environment

The environment that does not impact the marketing directly though the organisations still have to consider it when making an advertising decision, may be the macro-environment, which include demographic, economic, natural, scientific, political and cultural causes (Kotler et al, 3 years ago, p169). a few. 1 . you Demographic Surroundings

With more plus more people receiving higher education, it will have a growth of technical utilization. At the same...

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