Nursing and Nurse Practitioner Article

My Profession goal

Tiffanie Brown

My personal all time career objective is to become a Nurse Practitioner. I will have a whole lot of nets to

Jump through in order to get there but We am identify to achieve my personal goal thus i no I will

Succeed in this process.

Currently I are working while an LPN at a long term care center which I appreciate very much

I actually attended practically 2 years of school to be able to take my license board pertaining to my LPN

It was quite difficult at all I had developed a lot of long times studying and early medical mornings

I first started out in a computer system class to be sure I had basic computer knowledge.

Then I presently moved to pharmacology and my own basic nursing jobs classes. Every class was

Per month long and focused solely on that specific school.

Following 6 months of nursing classes I currently moved on to my medical piece of nursing jobs

School. That were sometimes all day and nighttime. We had to each percentage of our

Clinical rotation in order to be in a position to move on to the next clinical. It was not easy but

I managed to get through my own clinical rotation, it took a whole lot of centering on my certain tasks but

I took my as well as proceeded to all topics, after my clinical section was complete

I had formed to take a great exit examination so I was able to sit for my personal boards, I studied days and nights and

It paid off I approved my exit exam and was able to take my condition boards. My spouse and i took these people

And passed on my first make an effort, I received my certificate and been practicing for the last two


Currently I am in U. C Raymond Walters College currently taking my required pre-reqs in order to

Enter into the LPN-RN bridge plan they offer. I will have to take 12 months almost

Of my personal pre-req classes in order to qualify for the program, I must take many

Math classes, English compensation 1, a couple of, 3 Need to take bio-organic chemistry, global

Community, structure 1, 2, 3 Let me have to take pharmacology, pediatrics, med surge

And my yr of scientific so I i am ready to take my get out of exam in...

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