Process Composition

Method Essay

Learning Outcomes just for this Unit:

Rhetorical focus:

Talking about steps in a procedure

Pattern of organization and process

Language focus:


Giving guidance



appear like

wander off

do's and don'ts








Vocabulary Context

1 It is important not to ______________ in some parts of Cambodia, area mines are still a problem. two Everyone ___________ wildly towards the end of the Excellent Ministers speech. 3 I __________________ a classic friend for Soriya with the weekend. 5 The doctors want to _____________ my own blood.

your five During the downturn in the economy, car producers found it difficult to ______________ buyers. 6th Some people claim I ________________ my father.

several Some pets or animals have incredibly unusual means of trying to ______________ a partner. 8 Portion of the __________ of learning a fresh language is memorizing fresh vocabulary. on the lookout for Many Hard anodized cookware women employ _____________ to generate their skin area whiter. twelve Every evening My spouse and i __________ my trousers in my wardrobe.

14 The government had to _____________ the environmental impact of filling in Boueng Kok. you

Do's and Don'ts with Bears

Discuss these questions.

Do you like to walk in the woods? Are there wild animals in the hardwoods in Cambodia? Are they hazardous?

Read the leaflet on the pursuing page to discover more regarding what to do in the event you see a endure.

After you read

Write Capital t for the case or Farrenheit for phony for each assertion.

_F_ 1 . Bears typically attack vehicles.

__ 2 . If a endure attacks you, you should run.

__ 3. Bears attack when they truly feel threatened.

__ 4. Bears are great woods climbers.

__ 5. Waste attracts contains because they think it is foodstuff.

__ six. Bears happen to be slow and weak.



Do's and Don'ts with Bears


bout 250 black carries live in Dark

Bear Huge batch Park. Should you run into

a bear in the park, it is vital to know

how to handle it.

Talk fully, sing, or clap as you may walk

through the woods. Bears don't like

surprises. Singing or clapping will most likely

frighten the bears away before you even find


Avoid hike throughout the woods through the night.

Bears happen to be most lively at night time.

Do not rise a woods to get away via a

carry. Bears great tree outdoorsmen!

~ In case you are in a car and see a bear, stay

inside. Close the windows. Most contains

will not assault a car, so you are most secure

inside. Don't get out to take a photograph.

In case you are outside and see a carry, stay

peaceful. Stand continue to and don't manage. Slowly

push backward. Bears are nervous


They may be more likely to strike you if perhaps they

feel threatened.

When a bear problems you, avoid fight. Lie still

and be quiet. Could be the bear will lose

fascination and wander off.

Do not keep foodstuff or cosmetics in your

tent. Put them within a bag and hang all of them in

a tree that is at least 100 yards from your

camping tent. Bears like anything that is similar to

food. Remove food, cosmetic makeup products, and

tooth paste from your tent so you will not

attract their particular attention.

Burn up food squander. Bears are not able to tell the

difference between food and garbage.

They will go after the two.

Remember carries are harmful animals.

They may be very fast and incredibly strong. Be

safe. You sorry!

Discuss the meaning from the

words and phrases under


do's and don'ts


come across

wander off

Try using appeal to, resemble and run into in your sentences. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________


1 )


Read the sentences and the tasks under. Then discuss the answers and read the Contact form charts to evaluate them.

c. Most carries do not harm cars.

deb. Lie still and be peaceful.

a. Contains are risky animals.

m. Do not climb a shrub.

Underline the verbs. Ring the subjects. Which will sentences perform...

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