Mrs Chang Liu Composition

1 ) What is documents? Why do accountants ought to understand documentation?


Documents refers to a set of documents and models, just like narratives, data flow designs, flowcharts, and other written supplies that make clear a how a system works. Documentation tools are important, since:

-At lowest, you must have the ability to read paperwork to determine how the system performs.

-You may be required to evaluate internal control devices documentation to distinguish control abilities and failings and recommend improvements. On the other hand, you may have to evaluate the records for a recommended system to determine if the system meets you’re able to send needs.

-The greatest quantity of skill is needed to make documentation. If you are a member of a team that is certainly developing a fresh system, then you must prepare documentation showing how both existing and the proposed devices operate.

installment payments on your What are the various types of documentation tools?

-Data Flow Plan

- Document Flowchart

- System Flowchart

-Program Flowchart

3. Exactly what are the basic factors in a info flow diagram? What is named the dangerous of data circulation diagram? -Data Sources (input) and Spots (output)

-Data Runs -Transaction Processes

-Data Stores

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Context

Maximum level (most general)

5. Explain the guidelines for setting up data flow diagrams. (Remember at least 2) -Understand the system

-Ignore certain aspects of the system

-Determine system limitations

-Develop a context DFD

-Identify info flows

-Group data goes

-Number each process

-Identify transformational procedures

-Group life changing processes

-Identify all info stores

-Identify all resources and destinations

-Label almost all DFD elements

-Subdivide DFD...

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