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APUSH Mr. Fair Ch. 18 & 18 Assignments

Ch. 17: " Reconstruction, 1863-1877”

Key matters: competing politics plans for reconstructing the South; Black transition coming from slavery to freedom; politics and interpersonal legacy of Reconstruction; post-Civil War economic and politics transformations from the North.

Project I: Examine pages 568 to 579 (middle of page)

1 ) Complete the Reconstruction Programs chart.

2 . What was Lincoln's plan and how achieved it differ from the Wade-Davis strategy? Which could have produced greater results? 3. So why did the Republicans in Congress change against Johnson's plan? four. Which two invoice did Johnson veto and why? What was the reaction of Congress? your five. What is in the 14th Change?

6. What were the problems in Johnson's impeachment and why made it happen fail? 7. What was the 15th Variation?

Assignment 2: Read pages 579 to 585 (middle of page)

1 ) What was the effect of emancipation on a slave's ability to push about, the African American relatives, and land ownership? 2 . What did the slaves want via Reconstruction? About what extent were their dreams fulfilled? Assignment III: Browse pages 585 to 592 (middle of page)

1 . Why was the Southern Conservative Party struggling to sustain on its own without outdoors intervention? 2 . Who were the scalawags and carpetbaggers?

three or more. Why was it so hard for Southern whites to simply accept the changes Northerners were requiring upon? Task IV: Go through pages 592 to 598

1 . Identify the financial growth in the North that had begun during the Civil War. installment payments on your What happened throughout the election of 1876?

three or more. What was the Compromise of 1877?

Ch. 18: " Conquest and Survival: The Trans-Mississippi West, 1860-1900”

Crucial topics: effect of european expansion on natives; development of new systems and fresh industries; community...

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