Characterization Composition


" A Put on Path” is a short fiction about Phoenix, az, an old woman that goes for a long trip from the region to the city, to pick up medication for her grand son. During this lengthy trip she passes through many dangers, and all her characteristics can help her to get out of the situations. An appealing story, which will exists among direct and indirect business presentation, many explanations about the protagonist and with a finish that allow us to use our imagination.

The story is about an interesting aged lady and her brand is Phoenix, arizona. At the begging, with a direct presentation, the narrator details the leading part, " Progressive in the country there was an old Marrano woman with her brain tied in a red publication, coming along a course through the pinewoods” (Welty 223). She was an old and small female that strolls side to side in her actions, with a tiny cane manufactured by an umbrella (Welty 223). " The girl wore a dark striped dress getting down her shoe covers, ” and she also wore unlaced shoes (Welty 223). She has green eyes and a gold color below her your forehead (Welty 223). Another attribute of the leading part is that the girl likes to speak to herself or perhaps with pets. Many times through the story your woman talked to herself, just like talking together with the buzzard, or with the scarecrow (Welty 225). The description that the narrator made about Phoenix present many similarities from the symbol of a Phoenix, arizona. The image is a bird that is reborn from the flames, which means longevity, and invincibility. The main colors of the Phoenix, az symbol happen to be blue, reddish colored and platinum. As the symbol, the protagonist provides the same colors and a good life. She also shows the invincibility with the symbol, once she that passes many hazards. For a vintage person, the trip your woman did is very dangerous, and often she handles life hazards. Times including marching through the trial (Welty 224), reaching her side to contact the " ghost” (Welty 225), or standing directly when the hunter point the gun at her (Welty 227), demonstrates that she is reckless. Some...

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