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The current scenario increases the issue of if the document provided to Monica by the aircarrier agent can be valid being a Will.

Based upon the facts present, it is founded that Bertram wrote over a piece of paper " All my worldly possessions We leave for my girl Monica”. The questions to end up being asked happen to be whether Bertram by his conduct is a Testator, The thing that was his purpose and how did he intend to communicate his wishes?

A Is going to may be defined as a " revocable statement of purpose in approved form of the word of the person making it of matters, which in turn he expects to take impact only by his death”. It has also been described as the sum total in the Testator's wishes which he intends for taking effect on his death. A Testator is a person who makes and executes a valid will and the main purpose for making a Will is usually to get rid of property whether real or personal.

In addition , for a Will to get valid, the Will must be in prescribed kind. The Sequence Act Section 249 h. 61 from the Laws of Barbados gives that not any will is valid except if, it is in written type, it is authorized at the ft . or end by the Testator or simply by someone by his direction and in when he talks to you, the signature of the Testator must be made or acknowledged in the existence of for least two persons.

There are lots of types of Wills just like: Conditional Legal documents, Joint Legal documents, Mutual Wills, Privileged Wills or Holograph Wills.

On analysing the reality as provided and making use of the above stated legal principles it is published that the record Bertram wrote would likely end up being construed like a Privileged Can. Monica is advised that with Privileged Wills the law makes provision for such, in certain exceptional circumstances where a person is in order to make a Will devoid of complying together with the legal formalities. The extraordinary circumstances look like where the Testator is in serious danger, which usually increases the prefer to make a Will and where he is without the typical means of consultation before making his...

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