Regency Grand Hotel Dissertation

Executive Brief summary

Sandra Chakri, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, has been delivered into look at the current circumstance being experienced at the Regency Grand Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. Chakri should assess why the existing strategy of empowerment continues to be unsuccessful with the hotel. Element of this research should include a great assessment of the different types of personas within the hotel's workforce. Chakri's report should also offer methods to the improved levels of stress, absenteeism, and turnover charge. Chakri's suggestion should be built as soon as possible, towards the Hotel chain's senior administration team. After having a thorough analysis, Chakri found that the motel was coping with major company behaviour concerns. The employees have been very resistant to change. There were also a large number of cross-cultural distinctions that were limiting operations. Furthermore, stress, absenteeism, and staff turnover were at an all-time high. Employing her knowledge of OB theory, Chakri manufactured a suggestion to the senior management group. This recommendation involved extra training for workers, adding a great advisor intended for Becker, and implementing stress management strategies. Chakri recommends these changes come in immediately, to be able to maintain the long term success from the Regency Grand Hotel.

Difficulty Statement

Sandra Chakri, Mature Vice President of Human Resources, has been sent into examine the latest situation getting experienced in the Regency Grand Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. Chakri should evaluate how come the current technique of empowerment has been lost at the hotel. Part of this analysis should include an evaluation of the different types of personalities in the hotel's labor force. Chakri's survey should also offer solutions to the increased numbers of stress, absenteeism, and proceeds rate. Chakri's recommendation must be made immediately, to the Resort chain's elderly management crew. OB Issues

There is a range of Organizational Behavior issues connected with this case. A defieicency of empowerment plays a big component in this case. Before the arrival of Becker, the hotel was operating incredibly smoothly. Yet , when Becker arrived towards the hotel, he gave his employees if you are a00 of empowerment. Some of the workers enjoyed having control in the workplace, however for the most part, employees had been uncertain of what was predicted of them, and these triggered increased anxiety. Part of the problem can also be caused by differences in cross-cultural values. Becker being an American, may not completely understand the social differences involving the Americans plus the Thai people. Becker likewise lacks main leadership expertise, as he makes little to no effort in trying to get his personnel to understand what is expected from their store. Furthermore, Becker often got frustrated when employees might ask him for guidance in decision making processes. All of these issues possess led to elevated stress and lower self-confidence levels numerous employees. In addition, the hotel is watching increased absenteeism and proceeds rates between its workers. Finally, it really is interesting to make note of that workers get paid profitable bonuses, no matter the hotel's functionality. This is something that should be evaluated closer as it may be the stem of some of the complications. Chakri's suggestion should addresses these issues in the event the hotel plans on becoming successful again. Interior Analysis

Detailed Company Information

The Regency Grand Hotel can be described as 5-Star resort located in Bangkok, Thailand. The hotel was regarded as among Bangkok's many prestigious hotels. It engages 700 personnel who appreciate great benefits. The Regency has recently been acquired by an American hotel sequence looking to increase into Thailand. Since Becker has integrated his new strategies, you’re able to send reputation features taken a severe struck. An International travel and leisure magazine recently described Becker's hotel as " one among Asia's headache hotels”. In case the hotel continually tarnish...

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