Rhetorical Evaluation Essay

Neil Boris

Dr . Coyle


nineteen Sept. 2014

Rhetorical Examination of " A Guerilla Gardener in South Central L. A. ”

In South Central, Los Angeles, we have a food outbreak taking place among the population. Intended for miles and miles, the only easily possible food source is take out; causing the overconsumption of un-nutritious, fried, and fattening food. This can be a problem taken to the public's attention simply by speaker Ron Finley in his Ted Talks speech, " A Guerilla Gardener in South Central L. A. ” Finley explains just how everywhere he looks in his native Southern region Central, almost all he views are take out chains and Dialysis clinics opened because of the lack of nutritious food. Finley views the lack of a healthy meals source like a serious problem, and brings up his point; you will find miles of vacant plenty throughout Los Angeles, all of which could be used for the cultivation of healthy fruit and veggies to better the urban community's diet and health.

Ron Finley was born and raised in South Central, and this individual now has kids of his own becoming raised inside the same location. After seeing all of the obesity brought on by unhealthy ingesting within his community, Finley began a tiny garden on the strip of public land in front of his home. Even though it is just a tiny piece of land, Finley saw just how fast persons began making use of the new healthy food choices source; uplifting him to expand his operation to provide even more healthy options to get more neighborhoods. He views his " guerilla gardening” like a solution to not simply the health crisis, but as well as some thing to take the youth out of the crime and gangs in the area. His expansion had not been initially approved by the city of Los Angeles simply because he was sowing these home gardens on public vacant tons, but Finley is pressing to have his idea acknowledged in order to continue providing frequent healthy food.

Finley use of logos, pathos, and ethos throughout his speech captures the audience's interest. Finley uses pathos over the presentation by simply showing the...

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