RIZAL REPORT Research Newspaper

Section 13: Rizal's Visit

to the United States

Aquino, Mark John Harry

Dequilla, Darlene Marinela D.

Isip, Alyanna Her A.

Mallare, Maechelle G.

Mendoza, Michal C.

April 28, 1888

• Rizal first noticed America about April 28, 1888.

• His entrance in the superb country was

marred simply by racial misjudgment.

Arrival in San Francisco

• Belgic

 The steamer, with Rizal on board, docked

at S . fransisco on Saturday morning, April

28, 1888.

• All passengers were not allowed to area

because the American health authority

placed the ship below quarantine around the

ground which it came from tiongkok

where cholera epidemic was alleged to

end up being raging.

Introduction in San Francisco

• Rizal was amazed because there is simply no

outbreak from the disease inside the Far East, hence

he joined up with other people in protest.

• 2 agencies that certified Belgic is free of charge

from cholera epidemic:

 The American consul of Japan

The British texas chief of Hong Kong

643 Oriental coolies boarded the ship

• Chinese language coolies

They are unskilled oriental laborer

They were displacing white colored laborers in

railroad building camp.

• The reason for placing the ship underneath

quarantine was motivated by politics.

• But Rizal was questioning how come 700

bolts of silk had been unloaded devoid of


• After a week Rizal as well as other

1st class passengers had been permitted to



Chinese and Japanese

• The passenger of the second and thirdclass accommodations who were forced to remain on board longer quarantine


Rizal in San Francisco

• On Comes to an end afternoon, May 4, 1888, the

day time Rizal was permitted to look ashore, he

was authorized at Structure Hotel, which

was regarded as a exceptional hotel in

the city ($4 a day)

• Marketplace Street

 The best streets in San Francisco according

to Rizal.

Rizal in S . fransisco

• Leland Stanford

A millionaire senator representing A bunch of states

in the U. S. United states senate at that time.

He was the founder and padrino of

Stanford University for Palo Alto, California.

• Rizal slept in S . fransisco for two days – May

4-6, 1888.

• Grover Cleveland

The president of the United States in which


Throughout the American Country

• By May 6, 1888 – Sunday, 5: 30 EVENING to

May well 13, 1888 – Saturday, at 14: 10 AM

• Oakland

First end via ferryboat

• Sacramento

Via coach

o Where he ate his supper seventy five cents and slept at

his sofa.

Across the American Continent

Reno, Nevada

um " The largest Little City”

o Where he had his breakfast

 Utah

o Where he observed Mormons, this region can be not

thickly populated

 Colorado

o A lot of snow and pine trees and shrubs

Across the American Continent


o Omaha City

to As big as S . fransisco

Missouri Lake

o Two times as big as Pasig Riv


u A lot of Indians in cigar shops


u Where he observed the Hudson River

Rizal in New York

o Which he looks at a big metropolis

o In which he stayed for 3 days

• He remaining the United States on May 16, 1888 for

Liverpool, London on board the " City of

Rome” the second largest ship on the globe.

Rizal in New York

• Great Far eastern - largest ship on the globe

during his time.

• George Buenos aires

A great man who have, Rizal think, has no the same in his


The 1st president from the US.

Rizal's Impression of America


1 . The material progress with the country as shown in

the great towns, huge farms, flourishing

industries, and busy factories.

installment payments on your The drive and the strength of the American people

several. The natural beauty of living

4. The high quality lifestyle

5. The opportunities intended for better existence offered to poor


Rizal's Impression of America


1 . nonexistence of the case civil freedom, as Renegrido

cannot marry an America and vice versa.

2 . The presence of racial misjudgment as displayed in

all their hatred of the Chinese, Japanese people and


3. The valuing pounds over individual life

four. Lack of ethnic...

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