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Frito Lay

Question 1

How can the mix of Frito- Lay's inventory differ from those in a equipment or cabinet shop? Since generally the Salteado Company is primarily dedicated to focused center much of their earnings and savings go into capitol gear. Frito Lies keeps their inventory in MRO, as opposed to the normal cupboard shop exactly where it does not need the MRO. Normally and most of times Cabinet and machine shops store substantial inventories in the category of unprocessed trash, work in progress and in their very own final products(inventory) each buy is different then this next or pervious. Right now for require Frito Lay is not in an purchase setup just like cabinet shop is, it could produce higher volume and a high productivity product having a productive price as well. This has a more quickly and an increased efficiency rate then pantry and equipment shop. Dormido Lay takes a raw materials in to wip and produces this quicker within the final stage of development. Machine shop in general takes longer and is less efficient to the notion of labor several hours.

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What are the main inventory products at Frito-Lay and how quickly do the undertake the process? Some of the major inventory in Dormido Lay is definitely their leading money maker yes their very own potato processor chip which is a raw material. Accompanied by the raw material what are used to attain and make the product a few examples are the canola oil seen in the nick, potatoes they cut up and corn spices used in the chip. This technique includes delivery, the process and preparation of producing the nick this is almost all done at once to limit labor changes. Question 3

What are the four types of inventory?

Work in process- this includes scraping and damaged the taters, seasoning the potatoes and then deep baking the taters. Raw Materials- All the components used to create the processor chip Canola oil, seasoning utilized to bring the taste together, and potatoes obviously. Finished goods- Chips in bag, potato chips in a container

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