University of Phoenix Global Marketing 421 Essay

Global Marketing

Shannon Meters. Urban

Advertising 421

Apr 2, 2013

Louis Chavez

Global Advertising

There are a great number of companies that operate throughout the world and practice business in several different countries. Google is one of the most widely known and utilized net companies inside the United States. Due to the different economic, political, and social sights of each nation across the world, advertising business procedures must be able to be flexible when still playing to the consumers to ensure success in the different marketplaces. Google Incorporation. was founded over 10 years ago by two friends that met at Stanford University named Larry Page and Sergey Section (" Google", 2013). For the duration of 15 years, Google is continuing to grow into a worldwide conglomerate operating in nearly every single country and region around the globe. Any company that is capable of operating and practicing organization on a global scale will probably be affected by the global economic interdependence. Global economic interdependence simply means that all country's economies happen to be connected and dependent upon the other person. According to Perreault (2011), " The economies of the world are connected—and changes in a single economy quickly affect others. One cause of this is the amount of international control is increasing—and it is affected by changes in and between economies”. Each nation depends highly on trade which covers both importing merchandise and conveying goods. As countries are suffering from an increasing interdependence, it makes sense that transact practices and agreements might also be an important factor on monetary interdependence. Details not have had the opportunity to operate over a global size without increase in interdependence combined with trade methods. Countries have developed agreements and trade methods in order to promote their own deals and further encourage other countries and businesses to transact with these people. Google has far reaching pieces for every region and every...

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