Scientific Trend Dbq Composition

*The Medical Revolution of the 16th and 17th generations brings to mind great scientists like Galileo who devoted themselves to math and science to be able to help individual learning. Advances were made in chemistry, astronomy, math, and much more branches of science by these men. However , they were certainly not the ones in whose thoughts were able to change those of the people in charge, i. at the., the Pere and the effective rulers of that time. Without those people, the ideas from the scientists would never have been approved by the public. The thoughts of those people such as spiritual figures, philosophers, and even men working in the state of hawaii were the ones that most helped to push the scientific trend forward, since they out of cash boundaries and changed just how even world itself reacted to fresh ideas and developments. **The year 1554 was one of the first years that a free thinker came into the picture. John Calvin, a French Protestant theologian, disagreed with the fact that the study of astronomy should be outlawed by the Cathedral, saying, " This research should not be prohibited, nor this kind of science condemned, because a few frantic individuals boldly deny whatever is definitely unknown to them, " (doc. 2). He had also formed his own made use of, to become known later since Calvinism, because he so disagreed with the Chapel. Just a few years earlier, Enhance priest and astronomer Nicholas Copernicus experienced agreed in a more mild approach, saying, " The discovered and unlearned alike could see that I reduce in size from simply no criticism, " (doc. 1) meaning that he'd continue his studies no matter what others informed him. The two religious guys, though in different religions, thought the same thing regarding the fact that knowledge and learning should have no boundaries. Galileo himself was living proof of what the two of these men are discussing; his books had been banned by the Church and set under house arrest for the last years of his life since his theories disagreed together with the Church. Persons all over the world, which include people...

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