Chapter six Assignment Essay

п»їA) WatchВ this BBC clipВВ andВ discussВ the problems with the positive effect. В Do you think it is possible to get a global company to together achieve the goals of worldwide efficiency and integration, countrywide responsiveness and flexibility, and worldwide transfer expertise and development? Discuss

Globalization has many obvious issues that had been highlighted in the video. One of the problems displayed was relevant to non green resources. A globalized company might influence less limited environmental laws and regulations in an growing market to build a product for any cheaper price than in a more strictly regulated, environmentally monitored country, The business would be benefactors of the profits while the assets were depleted and the environment damaged in the country where the product was built. This can bring about conflicts, or perhaps different understanding of the great things about this global approach which in turn, in my opinion, was the point in the video. We don't assume that a company can achieve all of the goals simultaneously because national responsiveness is about managing responding to the initial needs of individual countries, whereas global efficiency is usually satisfied if you take a global, standardized approach to handling issues. These would have entirely different organizational functions to manage, while would transfer of knowledge and innovation, which in turn would also be hard to standardize and capture with out a structure that was designed to deal with the unique differences in things like terminology and tradition.

(B)В В В Under what conditions should a company consider adopting a worldwide geographical structure as opposed to a worldwide product composition? В В Name a lot of companies that you just think may succeed today with a globalization strategy and explain so why you picked those corporations. How does the globalization technique differ from a multidomestic strategy? В В

An organization that was interested in satisfying the more localized needs of...

Organizational Lifestyle Can Be One of the Most Important Way of Improving Company Performance. ’ Debate and Discuss. Dissertation