Essay upon Survey in the Users of Tata Custom-made Fertilizer Grade in Aligarh Uttarpradesh

Position and Future of Customized Fertilizer in Shahjahanpur district of Uttar Pradesh The goal of the task undertaken " Status and Future of Personalized Fertilizer in Shahjahanpur region of Uttar Pradesh” was going to know the response of customized fertilizer in the study place and also to locate the changes essential in customised fertilizer employed by them.

In the study area major harvest grown by farmers happen to be wheat, rice and sugarcane. Farmers employing CF does not belong to any particular course (land size) but 30 percent of the CF user maqui berry farmers are significant. Most of the farmers were not content with the functionality of VOIR. The higher selling price and reduce percentage of nutrients in CF was the reason. If CF has been enhanced in the above mentioned two characteristics then CF can include great industry potential.

Only 5% of the farmers had received the technical know-how from the product through the company workers, also 30 % of the suppliers were also not aware of CF, which means that incredibly less advertising activity was carried out by firm. So , the promotional activity must be performed to increase the awareness of VOIR among the farmers. Even there were few maqui berry farmers who were unaware that they are applying CF; these people were thinking that they are using " Nai TATA vali DAP” (New DAP of TATA). The price of the merchandise is very large according to nutrients within it. Hence the price with the product needs to be reduced which is the major matter for most with the farmers. The dose from the product is also very high that ought to also be decreased. The quality ought to be improved i. e. the percent of nutrients within it should be increased. Packaging from the products was very much liked by almost all the respondent. Availability of the product was not virtually any predicament, since the product was newly introduced and very much less promotional activity was carried out by firm. Therefore , proper marketing activity must be done even before releasing of the product.

New Product Advertising: Syllabus Dissertation