«The BFG» Big Friendly Giant Book Report Composition

Desk of ContentsCharacters, 2Setting, 2Mood, 2Plot, 3Conflict, 3Theme, 4What I Loved About this Publication and Why?, 4Who Want this Book as well as for What Age group Is It Ideal?, 4CharactersThere are two main characters inside the BFG, which are the Big Friendly Giant (or BFG) and Sophie. Both of these characters are concerned about the well being of others. Fortunately they are resourceful, child-like, and kind. The BFG may be the only giant in his homeland who does not really eat humans because he feels that would be inhumane. He would somewhat eat disgusting vegetables than take one more life. This individual also is practical in that this individual uses his job because dream baseball catchers to recruit the help of a great authority figure, the Princess or queen of Britain, to stop the evil giants from eating children. His child-like individuality is seen in the gentleness with Sophie in addition to his fear that she would tell upon him. His kindness is definitely evident in his friendship with Sophie.

In the same way, over the course of the storyline, 8-year outdated Sophie builds up a great companionship with the BFG. She uses her resourcefulness to appear on the Queens windowsill to beg for support. Her well being for others is definitely evident in her explanations to the Queen about the actions of the evil child-eating giants. She actually is child-like because she is children, and her kindness is usually demonstrated in her connections with the BFG and others through the story. The final character attribute shared simply by both the BFG and Sophie is all their sense of justice. Both these characters will be glad towards the see the wicked giants find the punishment that they deserve—living in a pit from where they cannot get away and consuming snozzcumbers until the day they die. Consequently, there are additional secondary and minor character types that perform a helping role inside the story, like the Queen of England, the military, as well as the evil titans.

SettingThe tale takes place in 1982, mostly in britain, as well as in the fictional land of Giant Country. At times, the main character types momentarily will be in other countries on the planet. In England,...

Bibliography: ahl, R. (1982), " The BFG", Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, USA.

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