the concept of pyramid packaging of milk Essay

Nestlé identifies poor milk consumers as " sub-groups" and contains a whole set of " commonly positioned products" designed for them. Now the Swedish corporationTetra Pak is calling itgoing " Further in the Pyramid".

TetraPak dominates the global marketplace for pasteurised milk packaging and features long encouraged the consumption of manufactured and highly processed milk by simply sponsoring institution milk programmes. The company says that their packaged dairy is less dangerous than the " loose milk" (i. e. fresh milk) provided by little farmers and local markets, which will currently items over 80% of the milk consumed inside the South.

Low-income consumers symbolize one of the biggest expansion opportunities intended for the milk industry. The important thing to tomorrows success is usually reaching these consumers today, says Tetra Pak president and CEO Dennis Jönsson.

But TetraPak ackowledges that tapping into this market is certainly not without issues. How to make products that are " affordable, readily available and attractive to consumers in limited incomes... without adding unsustainable costs"? Its solution, cut back on quality: " By making use of alternatives to whole milk including whey or lactic acid it is also possible to produce healthy and healthful dairy products by lower cost. " Another way about providing genuine milk to poor customers, routinely utilized by global dairy products corporations, is usually to reconstitute imported, powdered no-fat milk with cheap veggie oils.

TetraPak's other strategy is to main receiving area governments to implement regulations making it extremely hard for community markets to carry on providing consumers with clean, raw milk that people pasteurise at home. Through these market segments hundreds of millions of individuals around the world gain dignified livelihoods, and billions of poor families receive a highly nutirtious and safe way to obtain food. The protection is guaranteed by home pasteurisation, which can be common to many dairy marketplaces in the South.

Part of TetraPak's plans for going much deeper in the pyramid, also require a move to bigger farms....

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