The Fall of the City Essay

The Fall of metropolis

Alden Nowlan


utside, rain dropped with these kinds of violence that great, pulsing sheets of water seemed to hang hung between the planet and heavens. Squatting inside the attic, Teddy watched raindrops roll like beads of quicksilver throughout the glass in the high, diamond-shaped window, and listened to the muted guitare twanging on the roof.

Blinking, he shifted his position and transferred his attention to the things which lay about him on to the floor. In the centre with the room was a fortification and a palace, painstakingly constructed from corrugated cardboard cartons. These were between humbler homes made from matchboxes and the addresses of exercise books. The streets and alleys were full of hobereau, peasants and soldiers, all their two-dimensional systems scissored via paper, theirs faces and clothing used crayon and lead pencil. From the turreted roof with the palace, put up a green, light and gold tricolour, the flag of the Kingdom of Upalia...

Sombre gray eye glinted in teddy's pale, triangular confront. He pushed his hands deeper inside the pockets of his put on khaki pants. He decided that what he heard was not the rattle of rain on the roof and windows, but the muffled roar of distant cannon. The armies of the Emperor Kang of Danova had been attacking the fortifications for the Upalian frontier!

Teddy inhaled deeply and held his breath, his thin upper body pressing against his sweating shirt. His Majesty King Theodore I, resplendent in the red and dark uniform of the generalissimo, surfaced on the patio of his winter structure in Theodoresburg, capital with the Kingdom of Upalia. Throughout the square under rode squadrons of lancers, dragoons and hussars, electric batteries of equine artillery; to their rear marched regiments of infantry. grasping the diamond-studded hilt of his sword. California king Theodore watched his military services march out to give fight to the opponent.

This would be the next war among Danova and Upalia. The first have been fought in the year 2032 together ended in the defeat from the Emperor Kang and his imprisonment on the Region of Hawks. But he had escaped throughout the treachery of Zikla, Fight it out of Anders, a general inside the Upalian military services, and in 2043 the Danovans had occupied Upalia the second time, along with the renegade power under the command word of Zikla. This time, they conquered Theodoresburg and massacred the people before becoming routed by simply King Theodore. On the day of victory, the Duke of Anders was brought to Theodoresburg in restaurants and hanged in the town square.

The Emperor Kang was because evil and cunning because the Venne Manchu regarding whom Teddy had examine in literature. Tow, astride a dark-colored war-horse, he directed his troops as they besieged Intended for Lion for the Carian Lake. Hopelessly outnumbered, the defenders rallied behind their leader, Duke Lani of Caria, and prayed for the approaching of King Theodore...

" Teddy! ”

He sighed. This was his aunt, yelling from the ft . of the stairs. " Teddy! ”

He opened the doorway. " Yes? ” he called sulkily.

" Come down here this minute and get ready for supper! How often times do I have to call you? ”

" Okay, okay, I'm comin'! ”

" —And stop wasting time about it! ”

" I'm comin', We told yuh! ”

Your woman stood in the hall, a tall, stooped woman with tired, dubious eyes.

" Seems to myself that you're spending a lot of time for the reason that attic. ” She wiped red, enlarged hands on her apron. " You recently been into some mischief up there? ”

He shrugged impatiently. " I ain't been doin' nothin' — just playin', ” this individual told her sullenly.

" Very well, young man, you better wipe that scowl out of your face and march towards the bathroom and get ready for an evening meal. ”

" Yes, ma'am, ” this individual enunciated thoroughly.

During supper, he was not possibly aware of what he consumed; he was therefore deep in thought that his pork cut tasted no different from his whipped cream and jello. Mechanically, he obeyed his aunt once she informed him to take smaller bites and to consider his hand off the desk. He was pondering on the techniques that would must be used by Ruler Theodore in relieving the siege in the fort by simply...

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