Essay for the Three Interests of My Life

3 passions have got governed my entire life: love of family, like of sports activities, and the desire to have education.

My children inspire myself, from the football fields towards the class room. These kinds of passions, such as the beat of my

heart, hardly ever ends.

His passion of my family id the highest passion I've. My two children Rebecca and Cloe,

delivers such joy to my life. Rebecca Expect was my first child, born August 24, 2k. She offered me love

and a great inner feeling I had never sensed. Through all of the pain as well as the tears, We still droped head over heels in appreciate

with her. Hardly ever would I've thought I really could experience that feeling once again. Then on July 7, 2009, a bit

six pound, black-haired, dimpled faced, little girl came to be; Cloe Elegance. The rush once again was away of this

world. Unlike the 1st, but nevertheless in a odd kind of way. Both Rebecca and Cloe makes my personal

cardiovascular skip a beat each and every time the state mommy. God has truly blessed my husband John and i also.

As a fresh girl We played softball, making athletics my enthusiasm. I liked the fields. Playing initially base,

second foundation, and selling. The striking of the ball and playing around that dirt and grime diamond molded field. The

bruises, scrapes, plus the friends. We enjoyed football as a fresh girl, so now I gladly pass that passion for this

onto my oldest daughter Rebecca. I love resting behind the fence together with the other parents cheering for the

young ladies. The very long weekends in softball competitions, the sound from the crowds, plus the girls yelling in the

dugout. That brings back numerous memories. I really like watching Rebecca throw a forty mile an hour fast ball. That

feels my with such enjoyment, because I realize she has similar passion with the game as I did at her era.

The desire for Education can be described as passion of mine. In June 97, I graduated from North Central Large

University. Not knowing what I know at this point, I decided to adopt as season off. Big mistake on my part. I have already been

out of school for fourteen years now, I use...

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