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Tamara Johnson

Teacher Hughley

Eng. 0990 M-Th 10: 00 a. m. -Color of Water

Feb . 27, 2014

Why are interracial marriage approved more today in the 21st Century as compared to the period from the color of drinking water, 1940's through 1980s?

There is it's a noted fact that experts have identified young adults today in our modern world have more of your diverse racial background than then the previous generation in contrast to the ‘Color Of Water' During the 1940s in Ruth's time. Ruth McBride was known to possess a loveless and poor the child years she shortly later in life discovered her like which in those days were not appropriate because Ruth's love was obviously a black men and Ruth was a light young lady even though they weren't supposed to be jointly due to their competition she nonetheless loved and married off with Dennis who the girl could finally share her love with. In our technology today more are willing to openly have available relationships with other races and cultures. Up to now our 21st century generation comes out to be considered a big shock due to the interracial marriages that continues to grow when compared with Ruth's days where points that embark on today could hardly go on back then. Ruth had not been accepted by many blacks because she was a white girl and was poor too. Interracial interactions always failed in Ruth eyes as it was so much pressure and disgrace placed on interracial lovers, Ruth also believe that certain requirements of relationship had nothing to do with race, this wasn't also all about money she believe that as long as you acquired love and god with just a little cash happiness can last forever and you will deal with the remainder that comes with that slowly. There's facts that says more than 4. 5million married couples today in the U. S. A are mixte, there's also a north american approval by 86% of american citizens that says there's nothing incorrect with black-white marriages. Different race marriages are more accepted and prevalent that heterosexual couples very much like Ruth and Dennis who...

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