UK 2014 Research Conventional paper

4 – The United kingdoms's standing in the world

Key points

• By 2030, the UK is projected to stay the 6th largest economic system in the world (at market exchange rates), falling behind India but shifting ahead of Portugal. • On a regional range, we anticipate the UK to get the second most significant EU overall economy before 2020, as it overcomes France, also to narrow the space with Australia by 2030. •Our updated ESCAPE Index for 2013 shows that great britain ranks sixth in the G7 in 2013, down from 3rd in 2000 and 2007. This reflects the relatively profound recession endured by the UK in 2008-9 and, just before 2013, their relatively slower recovery. • The UK's key strong points relative to other G7 countries are inside the political organizations and telecoms technology fields. • In contrast, great britain consistently underperforms in the interpersonal progress and cohesion category. Improvement in this area requires longer term structural weak points in education and income inequality to be addressed.


As discussed in Section 2, the united kingdom economy is on track to exceed their pre-recession top (in genuine terms) in q2 of this yr. This is the milestone pertaining to the restoration, but what regarding the larger standing from the UK inside the global economy? From a small business perspective this is very important when determining where to find key commercial activities (e. g. when moving production or product sales activities into a new country or region). For policymakers a more healthy analysis of any country's standing in the world could be useful being a starting point in identifying its progress as time passes and relative to other countries, and in evaluating areas where there is certainly room for improvement. The topic in this article tackles these issues as follows: 4. one particular Presents several global GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT league furniture and analyzes the standing up of the UK relative to the G7 and E7 the two now and prospectively in 2030; 4. 2 Uses the PwC ESCAPE Index1 to meters identify the broader strengths and weaknesses of the UK compared to the rest of the G7; and 4. a few Summarizes the important thing...

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