Under Dairy Wood  the Voices Essay

Under milk wooden is a radio play written by Dylan Thomas, it tells the story of your day in the life of a small city called Llareggub. The perform is set in the 1950's, and it has two narrators, named Voice one particular and Tone 2, which will act as remarkable devices and move the play along in space and period. The Sounds give beautifully constructed wording to the perform by giving the listener Thomas's view from the town. The two voices will be Thomas's possibility to act as helpful information for Llareggub. He uses the Voices through the entire play, the first Words starts and ends the play, the characters appear to interact with the voices, as well as for example the characters generally finish off lines that the sounds started. One example of this is in the introduction of Mr Pugh, the retired school teacher. First tone: " Mr Pugh"

Mister Pugh: " remembers ground glass as he juggles his omelette" It can the same thing further down the page in order to says,

1st Voice: " Mrs Pugh"

Mrs Pugh: " nags the salt cellar"

The Sounds also create a relationship together with the listener, they seem to be trustworthy and to possess a sense of connaissance, and this allows the fan base to learn regarding the heroes and to understand the town. An example of this could be present in the prologue when the First Voice addresses the fan base personally simply by saying " Only the eyes are unclosed" and again when it says " And also you alone can hear the invisible starfall". The effect of this makes the audience feel like the Voices will be talking to all of them alone. The Voice as well seems to invite the fan base into the area, when it tells us" Sound, the babies are sleeping" it then adopts a chain of images about the people of the area: " the farmers, the fishers, the tradesmen and pensioners, cobbler, schoolteacher, postman and publican". Strings of images convey very strong thoughts and can get across the ambiance of a place very well. This type of string of images can be telling the listener all of the people inside the town who is asleep. The result of it is a Voice getting friendlier together with the listener...

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